King Kong Capture


Here's a basic tutorial to orient users on how to use King Kong Capture. With this, taking a screen shot will be a walk in the park.

King Kong Capture can capture a screen shot from your desktop, its parts, selected areas, icons and many more. These image captures can then be printed and saved in various supported graphic file formats.

When you capture an image, the program will be minimized to tray. After you're done capturing, it will be restored to original view.

Several Ways to Capture Image

When you right-click the King Kong Capture icon on the tray, you have a choice to do any of the following:

Capture Desktop - To capture an image of the desktop (full screen).

Speed Capture Desktop
- To quickly capture an image of the desktop (full screen) without flicker.

Capture Whole Screen - To capture the whole screen.

Capture Active Window - To capture an image of the active window. Active window is the last window that was active before you performed screen capture or simply the current active window, if you are using hotkeys or if the program is minimized to tray.

Capture Selection - To capture an image of a selected area. Select by dragging to form rectangle area on your desktop for capturing.

Capture Object - To capture an image of the selected object. Just click on any object on the screen to capture it.

Capture Polygon - To capture an image of selected polygon area. After main application window is minimized, click to start drawing polygon.

Capture Icon - To capture an image of a 32x32 (icon size) area. The icon size has a predefined value and cannot be changed. If you want to capture selection of a smaller or bigger size, you can opt for the next method.

Capture Specific Size Selection - To capture a rectangular image of an area specified by the user. A window will appear for you to select the specific dimensions.


You can use hotkeys to capture images even if the program is active or not. Just start the program (you can even minimize it to tray) and use the following hotkeys to capture images:

Ctrl+Alt+1 - Capture Desktop

Ctrl+Alt+2 - Speed Capture Desktop

Ctrl+Alt+3 - Capture Whole Screen

Ctrl+Alt+4 - Capture Active Window

Ctrl+Alt+5 - Capture Selection

Ctrl+Alt+6 - Capture Object

Ctrl+Alt+7 - Capture Polygon

Ctrl+Alt+8 - Capture Icon

Ctrl+Alt+9 - Capture Specific Size Selection